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The Frapper(Patent Pending) is a very unique device specifically designed to aid in the control of the invasive species, the Lionfish (Pterois volitans). The Lionfish has become established in the Atlantic and Caribbean regions and continues to grow in numbers at an alarming rate. We agree that local control efforts CAN make a difference!

Before heading out on your next dive, read-up on this subject – ,, and These sites have an abundant amount of information on this ongoing problem along with sighting report forms to be used at the time of a sighting.


“The “Frapper” is an awesome tool which should become part of every divers MUST CARRY equipment on every dive! I have used the “Frapper” on numerous occasions to dispatch Lionfish and would not dive without it. Lionfish sightings are unfortunately the norm now and this tool serves its purpose to a tee! The “Frapper” is very convenient to carry and very simple to use. The design allows for flawless removal of the Lionfish without chance of being stung and effectively kills the Lionfish quickly and quietly. PLEASE do yourself and our environment a favor… Get a FRAPPER and start FRAPPING!! The only good Lionfish in the Caribbean, is a FRAPPED Lionfish!!!”

Capt. Robert "Radar" OrthAdvanced Open Water Diver Diving since 1976

As a person new to the sport of spear fishing and to the art of lionfish hunting, I found the Frapper an incredibly useful tool. The Frapper’s simplistic design and ease of use make it a safe yet incredibly effective weapon. I bagged my first lionfish with my first shot. Using the Frapper’s excellent aiming qualities, I was able to make an extremely difficult shot and bagged a lionfish that was seeking cover deep in cramped dark crevice. I highly recommend this product for lionfish hunting.

Daryl Thomas-Fish and Wildlife Biologist Naples, Florida

“The Frapper is a lionfish eradication device that is easy to use, not cumbersome and kinda cool, really!”

Ed KillerFishing/Boating/Outdoors writer for Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers

“The Frapper is AWESOME!! I love mine so much that I even sleep with it!!” (Let’s not tell her boyfriend though…)

Sharon… Dive Instructor and very passionate “First Class Lionfish Slayer”
Presently working on an island somewhere in the Carribbean