Lionfish Hunting in the Future?

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What does the Future of the Lionfish Invasion look Like?

No one knows for sure just how long we will all need to stay engaged in this battle to tamp down the numbers of the invasive lionfish in the affected areas but one thing is for sure… it will not be over any time soon.

New tools and techniques are being developed all the time. There are teams working to develop “Lionfish Traps” which, once constructed and deployed, should be a real “game-changer”.

Team Frapper is one such group tirelessly working to develop such a trap. We call it the “Frapper Trap“. Working with limited time and even more limited funding, we will not rest until we have accomplished this task! We are actively seeking funding in order to expedite this project. If you, or someone you may know would like to help in any way, please contact us or… you may use the “Donate” button on our Home Page to contribute. Your contribution will be put to work immediately!

Thank you for visiting our web site and caring about our threatened marine ecosystem!